OeEB supports climate finance package to promote electric mobility in Vietnam

The funds will enable the manufacturing of the first fully-electric bus fleet for public transport in Vietnam and the country's first nationwide charging station network for electric vehicles. An important step on Vietnam's path to climate neutrality.

OeEB project trip to North Macedonia

From September 14th to 16th, OeEB visited OeEB-financed projects in North Macedonia together with representatives of the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs, the Federal Chancellery, OeEB’s Supervisory Board, the Austrian Development Agency and the Austrian Business Delegate and Austrian Ambassador.

OeEB supports energy-efficient production of household appliances in Bangladesh

With investments to expand and modernize its production facilities, Walton Hi-Tech Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances in Bangladesh, aims to meet growing demand and increase energy efficiency. OeEB supports the company with a long-term loan.

Clean water as the basis for sustainable development

As the first European development bank, OeEB provides financing for a wastewater treatment plant as part of the Indian government's "Clean Ganga" program. The aim is to reduce the pollution of the Ganges and to improve living conditions in the river basin.

OeEB again partner of the Austrian World Summit

This year's Austrian World Summit will take place in Vienna’s Hofburg under the motto "Creating Hope - Inspiring Action". OeEB is once again a partner of the event. Actively contributing to climate protection is firmly anchored in OeEB's strategy - at least 40% of new business should be invested in climate-related projects and a climate-neutral portfolio should be achieved by 2050 at the latest.

Measuring impact: Current impact report presents development effects of OeEB's investments

In our current Impact Report, we disclose the development effects achieved through our investments. For example, 1.19 million tons of CO2 emissions could be saved through OeEB-supported projects; more than 297,000 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises received access to loans.

OeEB and Bank Gutmann mobilize EUR 72 million for developing and emerging countries

The Gutmann OeEB Impact Fund announces the end of its fundraising period. The two banks were able to mobilize a total of EUR 72 million from private investors which are invested in funds that sustainably improve the living conditions of people in developing and emerging countries.
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OeEB strengthens commitment to combating the climate crisis and support for Africa and the poorest developing countries

OeEB's portfolio reached a a new high of EUR 1.47 billion at the end of 2021. With a share of 80%, the focus of new business was on financing for renewable energies, small and medium-sized enterprises and infrastructure.
International Women's Day

Gendersmart - the intelligent way to invest

A new study shows that the targeted strengthening of women as entrepreneurs, managers, employees, and consumers not only leads to greater gender equality, but also to general economic growth.

OeEB delivers seed funding for responsAbility Gender-Smart Investing Technical Assistance Facility

Strategic support will drive gender equality in emerging market portfolio companies

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