The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) used the "High-Level Forum Africa-Europe" in December 2018 as an opportunity to create a new investment facility of EUR 10 million (until the end of 2021) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) wanting to invest in Africa. OeEB was commissioned with the implementation of the facility.

The aim of the new instrument is to support SMEs from Austria or the European Union in setting up companies or developing projects in Africa, thus creating jobs and enabling sustainable development. Implementation of the facility should preferably take place via a company located in Austria.

Your project

You are an SME and have a concrete, private-sector investment project in Africa. Your project is economically viable and has strong growth potential. International environmental and social standards are respected in your project. In the case of more complex project developments or innovative project approaches, a feasibility study on the basis of the circumstances of the individual case has already been conducted, or proven technology is being used.

Consultant services, cost subsidies or deliveries in the sense of an export transaction as well as projects that contradict the EDFI exclusion list are excluded from the program.

Our offer

At the present time, the investment facility is planned as follows:

  • Equity (max. EUR 1.5 million): Acting as trustee for the Republic of Austria, OeEB can participate in companies with a maximum share of 25 percent provided that they pursue a specific, private-sector investment project in Africa and are run by a SME from Austria or the European Union. The participation must also be pari passu (ie on the same terms) as a private investor and must not involve state aid.


  • Mezzanine capital: To co-finance the project, OeEB can provide loans in the range of EUR 500,000 to EUR 1.5 million at market conditions.

Send us your project proposal

You have a concrete, private-sector investment project? Send us your project proposal.


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