Press Release

OeEB strengthens businesses affected by COVID-19 and increases investments in Africa and Least Developed Countries

In 2020, OeEB provided EUR 302 million in new loans and investments. In addition to strengthening customers affected by COVID-19, the focus was once again on climate-friendly investments.

OeEB supports critical food supply in Africa through working capital loan to ETG

The loan will indirectly support an estimated 600,000 smallholder farmers and their communities and contribute to more sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices.

OeEB invests in off-grid solar solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

By providing financing for off-grid solar solutions targeting rural populations in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Solar Energy Transformation Fund (SET) aims to improve access to energy and reduce CO2 emissions – with support from OeEB.
Press Release

OeEB is once again Austria's largest contributor to international climate finance

The current report on Austria's international climate finance once again names OeEB as the largest contributor. 48% of all contributions were provided by OeEB in 2019.

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