Starting in August, OeEB will be working with a new tool for project requests. This tool is designed to enable clients to submit information about their projects to OeEB in a structured and efficient way.

The enquiry form is divided into four levels:

  1. Basic conditions:
    In this step, basic requirements for OeEB investments are requested, e.g. whether the planned project is located in a country on the OECD DAC list. 
  2. Client data:
    In the second step, general client and contact data are collected.
  3. Project details:
    More detailed information about the planned project is collected here. It is important for OeEB to know in which country or region the investment is to be made and what development effects are intended.
  4. Financial information:
    The last step outlines what form of financing is needed and how the resources are to be used. In addition, the amount required, the term and the desired currency are indicated here. Project-related documents - such as financial statements, project teasers, info sheets - can also be uploaded in this step.

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