Special financial resources are earmarked for measures that enhance the developmental impact of our projects. These resources are used primarily for preparing and accompanying OeEB's equity participations and investment financings.

We strengthen impacts on development.

Funds from our Business Advisory Services (formerly "Advisory Programmes") can be used in the following project phases:

Phase Measures
Preparation / Analysis of an OeEB financing project

Measures that strengthen potential customers in individual business areas, thus enabling an OeEB financing. 

  Detailed studies (building upon existing initial analyses) including information necessary to reach a final decision to finance on the part of OeEB. These studies are commissioned in cooperation with a project partner but are prepared by an independent consultant.
Project Implementation Collateral measures to OeEB financings, e.g. on-site work by local experts, training measures for OeEB customers.

Moreover, OeEB provides Business Advisory Services funds for studies which analyse sectors and markets relevant for OeEB. The long-term aim of such studies is to identify concrete projects for OeEB.

Due to the highly specific nature of every measure, OeEB makes decisions on the allocation of Business Advisory Services funds on a case-by-case basis.

Calls for Proposal

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