In January 2013, OeEB provided technical assistance funds to improve the drinking water supply and sanitary facilities in San Jacinto, Nicaragua.

Project name Water supply in San Jacinto
Region Central America and the Caribbean
Sector Water supply and sanitation
Service Business Advisory Services
Project country Nicaragua
Projekt partner(s) PENSA (Polaris Energy Nicaragua S.A.), Inter-American Development Bank

Since 2010, OeEB and other financial institutions have been financing the construction of a geothermal power plant in San Jacinto. In the course of the construction, the water system of the municipality was analysed and serious shortcomings were identified. The insufficient access to clean drinking water as well as poor sanitary conditions increase the spread of disease and present a health problem to the population.

The project, financed with technical assistance funds from OeEB, PENSA – the company operating the power plant – and Inter-American Development Bank, aims at improving the drinking water supply system and sanitary facilities in the village of San Jacinto and its neighbouring municipalities, where approximately 3,000 people live. Training will be available for the residents in order to ensure proper maintenance of the equipment in the future and an education campaign on hygiene measures will be carried out. The project should contribute positively to the living conditions and health of the local people.

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