In April 2019, OeEB was among the 60 founding signatories of the "Operating Principles for Impact Management". In its Disclosure Statement and Verification Report, OeEB confirms that its impact management systems as well as all assets under management align with these Principles.

In April 2019, 60 global investors came together to launch the "Operating Principles for Impact Management" developed under the lead of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). These Principles constitute a common standard for impact investing and provide a framework which ensures that impact considerations are purposefully integrated throughout the investment lifecycle. By becoming a signatory, investors commit to manage their impact assets in accordance with the Principles.

The signatories are required to report annually on how they implement the principles and to regularly and independently verify their impact management systems:

In its disclosure statement, OeEB describes how it has incorporated the principles into its investment process and confirms that its total portfolio of loans and equity participations - EUR 1,372.8 million as of December 31, 2019 - is managed in accordance with the principles. The verification report confirms that OeEB's impact management system complies with the principles.

Investing for Impact

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