The Austrian AMABO GmbH produces roof tiles from recycled plastic in Cameroon. In March 2020, OeEB provided funds from the Federal Ministry of Finance's "African-Austrian SME Investment Facility" to support AMABO in expanding their production facility. 

Project name AMABO - recycled plastic roof tiles
Region Sub-Saharan Africa
Sector Industry
Service Equity Participations
Project country Cameroon
Projekt partner(s) AMABO GmbH

AMABO has been producing recycled plastic roof tiles in Douala, Cameroon, since the end of 2019. Plastic waste is collected, sorted, processed and, together with sand, pressed into roof tiles. At full operation, two tons of old plastic can be processed daily.

By setting up a waste collection system as well as by involving the local population and raising awareness for waste collection and separation, AMABO aims to contribute to solving Cameroon's plastic waste problem.

With funds provided by OeEB from the Federal Ministry of Finance's African-Austrian SME Investment Facility, AMABO will build offices and purchase a second production machine as well as a solar system to ensure continuous power supply.