In June 2014, OeEB invested USD 4.8 million in Women’s World Banking (WWB) Capital Partners, a private equity fund focusing on providing microfinance products for women.

Project name Women’s World Banking (WWB) Capital Partners
Region supra-regional
Sector Financial sector / Microfinance / SME
Service Equity Participation
OeEB project volume USD 4.8 million
Fund domicile Delaware
Projekt partner(s) WWB Capital Partners, LP

Even though women represent the majority of the world's poor, it is more difficult for them to get access to financial services than it is for men. However, as studies show, women typically invest their financial resources more strongly in their families or local community which creates positive long-term development effects such as better food and education for children and higher volumes of savings.

About WWB Capital Partners

WWB Capital Partners has recognised this trend and places a clear focus on women. It aims at providing equity capital to microfinance institutions (MFIs) which offer financial products specifically targeted at women. In addition, the fund supports the local management with accompanying Technical Assistance measures in the fields of marketing, research, diversification of products and networking.

OeEB’s equity participation contributes to improving women’s access to financial products. Moreover, it provides a stable funding base to MFIs which positively affects the countries’ economic growth and therefore creates additional incentives for investments.