In November 2019, OeEB signed a USD 15 million bilateral credit facility with Satin Creditcare Network, one of India’s leading microfinance institutions. The funds will be used to finance income-generating and income-increasing activities of female small-scale and subsistence entrepreneurs in India. In March 2021, OeEB granted another loan of USD 5 million to help Satin Creditcare bridge liquidity bottlenecks caused by the covid-19 pandemic. In March 2024, OeEB also concluded a further bilateral credit line of EUR 15 million. This is intended to finance micro and small loans to women from poor and low-income households.

Project name

Satin Creditcare Network Limited 


Southern and Eastern Asia


Financial sector / Microfinance / SME


Investment Finance

Project country


OeEB project volume

USD 20 million + EUR 15 million

Projekt partner(s)

Satin Creditcare Network Limited

Women in India often have limited access to banking services and loans due to a lack of collaterals. The goal of Satin Creditcare Network is to provide low-income women entrepreneurs, who are excluded from established financial services, with financial support to improve the livelihoods of their households and promote an economically productive environment. With an average micro-loan size of EUR 400 per borrower, Satin Creditcare enables the purchase of agricultural equipment and tools (such as tractors, sewing machines) and livestock, the establishment of stalls and shops or extensions of existing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Satin Creditcare Network Limited was founded in 1990. By 2019, the microfinance institution had more than 10,500 employees in just over 1,000 offices in 26 states and union territories of India, and maintained a growing customer base of over 3.5 million, mostly in rural areas. Satin Creditcare is certified according to the Client Protection Principles of the Smart Campaign, one of the most prestigious awards for microfinance institutions that protect borrowers from over-indebtedness and ensure responsible lending.

With OeEB’s credit line, Satin Creditcare will be supported in expanding its business, and subsequently opening new branches, especially in rural areas. This not only contributes to strengthening the private sector and reducing poverty in the country, but above all to gender equality in one of the regions with the highest gender gap in the world.