Since November 2016, OeEB has been providing a USD 10 million credit line to One Bank Limited in Bangladesh. An action plan and the support of an external consultant are intended to further develop and improve OBL’s environmental and social management.

Project name ONE Bank Limited, Bangladesh – Technical Assistance
Region Southern and Eastern Asia
Sector Banking and financial services
Service Business Advisory Services
Project country Bangladesh
Project partner(s) One Bank Limited

With the provision of technical assistance funds by OeEB, OBL’s Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) was upgraded in line with the IFC Performance Standards and integrated into the existing credit procedures. This measure not only helps to manage risks and improve the sustainability of OBL’s credit portfolio, but also contributes significantly to the protection of the environment and better working conditions for the people in Bangladesh.

Accompanying trainings of One Bank Limited employees in the application of the revised ESMS, including the individual processes and tools on environmental and social issues, lead to a continuous improvement of skills and knowledge regarding risk management in these areas.

More about the project:

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