In May 2015, OeEB invested USD 5.9 million in DWM's Inclusive Finance Equity Fund II which aims to improve access to financial services in Latin America and Asia. In a mid-term evaluation, the fund investment was assessed by independent experts.

Project name DWM Inclusive Finance Equity Fund II - Evaluation
Region Supra-regional
Sector Financial sector / Microfinance / SME
Service Business Advisory Services
Fund domicile Luxembourg
Project partner(s) OMTRIX Consulting, DWM
Project story Latin America & Asia: Improving access to finance

In 2019, OeEB contracted the Costa Rica based consulting organisation OMTRIX to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, development impact and sustainability of its fund investment.

The results show that the main goal of strengthening financial institutions in the target countries and thereby improving access to financial services for small businesses has largely been achieved. OeEB's support in developing the fund's Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) is also positively highlighted.

However, the evaluation also offers recommendations for future OeEB fund investments, which could help reach SMEs and other underserved enterprises even better and more efficiently.

Evaluation Report 

Management-Response DWM 

Management-Response OeEB