OeEB has provided Locfund Next LP with a credit line of USD 15 million. The fund's mandate is to make local currency debt capital available to microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Latin America and the Caribbean. In order to assist the portfolio companies/MFIs with additional support in addition to financing, an accompanying Technical Service Facility (TSF) was set up, which OeEB supports with TA funds.

Project Name Locfund Next - Technical Service Facility (TSF)
Region Central America, South America and the Caribbean
Sector Banking and Financial Services
Service Business Advisory Services
Additionality Value Additionality


The aim of Locfund Next's Technical Assistance Facility (TSF) is to support portfolio companies in the following areas: digital transformation, access to capital markets, assets and liability management, risk management as well as environmental and social performance management with a focus on climate and gender. Seminars and workshops to pass on relevant know-how are also accessible to microfinance institutions that are not portfolio companies.

More about the credit to Locfund Next LP. here.