In August 2015, OeEB provided technical assistance funds to set up a web-based system to improve the use of water resources in Georgia.

Project name Hydro Information and Planning System
Region Central Asia
Sector Energy generation and supply
Service Business Advisory Services
Project country Georgia
Project partner(s) Pöyry Energy GmbH

Georgia has huge hydroelectricity resources, the bulk of which remain unexploited to this day. Although more and more projects were being developed in the country in recent years, they were mainly developed separately from each other.

Improved planning thanks to Austrian technology

A planning and database system will be introduced in order to allow a coordinated and sustainable use of water resources. This system, developed by the Austrian company Pöyry Energy GmbH, enables users to access hydrological data and run scenarios on the basis of different assumptions (construction of a new hydropower plant, use of water etc.) taking into account the effect of climate change.

OeEB's funds will be used for the development of this system in a test area around the river Aragvi.