The Gutmann OeEB Impact Fund aims to improve the living conditions of people in developing and emerging countries, while generating attractive returns. The fund started in December 2019 with first capital commitments and is intended to reach EUR 100 million within one year.

Project name Gutmann OeEB Impact Fund
Region Supra-regional
Sector Financial sector / Microfinance / SME
Service Equity Participations
OeEB Project volume EUR 3 million
Total volume up to EUR 100 million
Fund domicile Luxembourg
Project partner(s) Bank Gutmann

The financing gap to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals is estimated to be one trillion dollars a year – capital that cannot be raised by the public sector alone. Private investors who invest their money meaningfully and profitably at the same time are needed to bridge this gap. 

The Gutmann OeEB Impact Fund is the first joint project between OeEB and a private bank and opens new possibilities for private investors. The overarching goal, in addition to the financial return, is the improvement of living conditions for people in developing and emerging countries. Over the course of a four-year investment period, the fund intends to invest in ten impact oriented private equity funds focusing on financial inclusion and SMEs.

The first closing of the Gutmann OeEB Impact Fund was completed in December 2019. The fund is intended to reach EUR 100 million within one year. OeEB provided EUR 3 million and, acting as a SubAdvisor to Bank Gutmann, is responsible for identifying and reviewing investment opportunities as well as for managing the investments made.

The final closing of the Gutmann OeEB Impact Fund took place at the end of March 2022. A total of EUR 72 million was mobilized by 48 private and institutional investors. Despite difficult fundraising conditions during Corona times, several closings could be completed, which have now culminated in the final closing. Through this project, OeEB succeeded in increasing its visibility, strengthening the topic of impact investing in Austria and opening up an additional source of income for OeEB.