In January 2018, OeEB provided technical assistance funds to set up a training programme for financial institutions in Bangladesh, focusing on building knowledge and capacity in the field of environmental and social risk management.

Project name

Environmental and Social Risk and Opportunity Management


Southern and Eastern Asia


Banking and financial services


Business Advisory Services

Project country Bangladesh
Projekt partner(s)

FMO, Proparco, DEG, Global Climate Partnership Fund, ERM India Private Ltd

The aim of the “Environmental and Social Risk and Opportunity Management“ (ESROM) training programme is to build and strengthen know-how and capacity to better address and manage E&S risks with clients and to identify new business opportunities (e.g. Green Financing).

In the course of 8 training sessions, 250 bank employees of 9 financial institutions (including OeEB's clients City Bank Limited und Eastern Bank Limited) were trained. The focus is on performing environmental and social sustainability assessments as part of the Due Diligence process and on implementing the IFC Performance Standards. In order to further increase awareness of this topic beyond the financial sector, the trainings are also open to customers from particularly sensitive sectors such as the textile industry.

OeEB co-financed the programme with German DEG, Dutch FMO, French Proparco and the Global Climate Partnership Fund. Already in 2015, a first training programme for 150 bank employees was financed by OeEB and international partners. Based on the success of the trainings as well as high demand from local financial institutions, a second programme was set up in 2018.

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