In September 2014, OeEB provided technical assistance funds for the connection of five Honduran villages to the electricity grid.

Project name Energy supply Honduras
Region Central America and the Caribbean
Sector Energy generation and supply
Service Business Advisory Services
Project country Honduras
Projekt partner(s) COHERSA
Project story Honduras: A power line to the future

Together with partners, OeEB provided financing for the construction of the private hydropower plant "La Vegona" in Northern Honduras. The 38.5 MW power plant provides electricity especially for the economic centre around San Pedro Sula.

On the initiative of OeEB and private power plant operator COHERSA, also the villages of Plan Grande, Aguas de la Reina, San Luis Calichito, Pozas de Aqua und La Bolsita around "La Vegona" were connected to the electricity grid.

The access to electricity improves the security situation at night as well as the educational possibilities at local schools. Moreover, people get the possibility to build up their own small businesses.

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OeEB financing for construction of hydropower plant La Vegona