In July 2019, OeEB provided a long-term loan of EUR 26 million to the Serbian Elixir Group. The funds will be used to finance energy efficiency measures to reduce emissions and energy consumption and to expand production capacities. To bridge the effects of the Covid-19 crisis, OeEB provided a further EUR 5 million in December 2020.

Project name

Elixir Group


Southeast Europe




Investment Finance

Project country


OeEB project volume

EUR 31 million

Projekt partner(s) Elixir Group d.o.o.Elixir Group d.o.o.

With a long-term credit line, OeEB supports the Serbian Elixir Group - one of the largest private employers in Serbia - in implementing energy efficiency measures in order to reduce emissions and energy consumption. In addition, the funds provided by OeEB enable the expansion of production capacities, which contributes to creating and securing jobs, promoting exports and generating income and government revenue. In total, the planned investments will create up to 74 new direct jobs and help secure 1,456 existing ones.