In December 2013, OeEB together with DEG and FMO established a credit guarantee fund in Tajikistan to strengthen local SME.

Project name Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan (CGFT)
Region Central Asia
Sector Banking and financial services
Service Business Advisory Services
Project country Azerbaijan
Project partner(s) DEG, FMO

The Tajik private sector consists primarily of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). However, their access to finance is limited since they often cannot provide sufficient securities. This is one of SMEs' main obstacles to business development.

Credit Guarantee Fund reduces risks

Together with DEG and FMO, OeEB establishes a credit guarantee fund in Tajikistan which reduces banks' risks and therefore creates an incentive to provide more loans to SME.

This improves SMEs' access to finance which strengthens the Tajik SME sector and contributes to creating and securing jobs.

Additional Technical Assistance operations support institution building of local partner institutions and range from initial SME credit analysis and product development to further geographical outreach and new target groups.

More Information can be found on the website of the Credit Guarantee Fund Tajikistan.