In May 2020, OeEB contributed USD 15 million to the agRIF impact fund managed by Incofin Investment Management. The funds are used to finance rural and agricultural small and medium-sized enterprises as well as companies along the agricultural value chain.

Project name agRIF
Region Supra-regional
Sector Financial sector / Microfinance / SME
Service Investment Finance
OeEB project volume USD 15 million
Project partner(s) agRIF Coöperatief U.A.

Agriculture continues to be the major industry of most low-income countries. Small farms in particular are responsible for the largest share of the world's food production – in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, farms working on 10 hectares or less provide up to 80 percent of food supply.

Smallholder farmers are therefore central to global food security, economic growth and poverty alleviation. Restricted access to resources, (financial) services and markets, however, severely limits their productivity and income potential.

The aim of the agRIF impact fund, which is active in developing and emerging countries worldwide, is to improve access to finance for small farmers as well as rural MSMEs and companies along the agricultural value chain, thereby contributing to sustainable poverty reduction. The fund invests directly in agricultural organisations and, on the other hand, in financial intermediaries such as banks or microfinance institutions.

About Incofin Investment Management:

Incofin Investment Management is a global leading emerging markets focused impact fund management company, focused on rural and agricultural finance and driven by a desire to promote inclusive progress. As such, Incofin IM strives to provide the support entrepreneurs need in order to build sustainable businesses and to improve the lives of the more vulnerable or less privileged people. Incofin IM has over EUR 1 billion in assets under management. Incofin IM is an active investor and is "committed beyond investment". Incofin IM has a team of more than 60 professionals spread over the headquarters in Belgium and local investment teams in India, Colombia, Kenya and Cambodia.