In Cameroon, the Austrian AMABO GmbH uses plastic waste and sand to produce an urgently needed building material: roof tiles. The company receives support in the expansion of its production facility from the African-Austrian SME Investment Facility (AAIF).

AMABO has been producing recycled plastic roof tiles in Douala, Cameroon since the end of 2019. For this purpose, plastic waste is collected, sorted, processed and then pressed together with sand under pressure. The resulting roof tiles are environmentally friendly, water-repellent and sturdy, they offer heat protection, are UV-resistant, durable and can be recycled.

In the long term, AMABO not only wants to become a leading roof tile manufacturer, but also one of the largest recycling companies for plastic in Cameroon. Around two tons of old plastic are to be processed daily in full operation. By establishing a waste collection system, awareness-raising measures and involving the local population as well as plastic waste purchase contracts with local hotels and hardware store the company aims to contribute to solving Cameroon’s plastic waste problem. 

African-Austrian SME Investment Facility enables production expansion

With funds from the African-Austrian SME Investment Facility (AAIF), provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and implemented by OeEB, AMABO is now receiving support in the expansion of its production facility. The funds will be used to purchase a second production machine and a solar system to ensure continuous power supply as well as to create offices on site. 

AMABO originated from an economic partnership of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and was founded together with a private venture capitalist and Europlast GmbH as an industrial partner. This also ensures the transfer of know-how. 32 employees are to be employed and trained in Douala for the production of the roof tiles.

About the African-Austrian SME Investment Facility (AAIF)

As part of the African-Austrian SME Investment Facility, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance is making EUR 10 million available for investments in Africa. The aim of the investment facility is to support SMEs from Austria or the European Union in setting up companies or developing projects in Africa which create local jobs and enable sustainable development. OeEB has been commissioned to implement the facility.