OeEB's current development report highlights the importance of the private sector for developing countries. The new figures show how OeEB's commitment contributes to improving living conditions - by providing jobs or clean energy.

Over 170,000 people were employed in the companies and financial institutions currently (co-)financed by OeEB. More than 35,000 micro borrowers were reached and could build up their own small businesses. 4,200 small and medium-sized businesses received access to financing through OeEB's current projects. Since OeEB's founding in 2008, over 5,000 people received trainings directly funded by OeEB.

In OeEB (co-)financed current projects, 825 MW power generation capacity were newly installed. Here, OeEB focuses especially on renewable energy.

OeEB was able to increase its project portfolio from EUR 658 million in 2013 to around EUR 800 million as of December 31st, 2014. Approximately one third of the portfolio is dedicated to the microfinance and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) sector. Another third of the portfolio is dedicated to projects contributing to mitigating climate change through renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Development Report 2014