In order to strengthen their position in the sector of women-led micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to enable better service for their target group, SANADCOM asked OeEB for support in identifying opportunities and risks in their business activities. OeEB intends to provide Sanadcom with an in-depth analysis of its business, followed by recommendations and a training program to overcome the problems specific to women-led SMEs.

Project name Sanadcom MSME Gender Finance
Region MENA (Middle East and Northern Africa)
Sector Banking and Financial Services
Service Business Advisory Services
Project country Jordan
Project volume USD 80.000
Project partner(s) Sanadcom

Sanadcom is a microfinance institution in Jordan established in 2014. Sanadcom's goal is to promote economic growth and employment by providing financing solutions for SMEs that are not served by microfinance institutions or commercial banks. An important sub-segment of such SMEs are small and medium-sized enterprises owned or managed by women. In order to implement their new strategy, it was important not only to adapt policies and procedures. Own behavior and interactions were also developed and reflected on with the help of workshops and example situations. In addition to the training components, in which all Sanadcom employees took part, trainers were trained to train future employees. The entire Sanadcom team was able to sharpen its view of the needs of companies owned or managed by women - and also identified first steps to further improve their own products and services.