Since 2013, OeEB has been providing funds for the Technical Assistance Facility of Regional Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Fund (REGMIFA).

Project name Regional Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Fund (REGMIFA) – Technical Assistance
Region Sub-Saharan Africa
Sector Banking and financial services
Service Business Advisory Services
Project partner(s) REGMIFA, KfW

The investment fund REGMIFA provides microfinance institutions (MFI) in Sub-Saharan Africa with credit lines. MFIs can thus provide microloans – mostly in local currencies - to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Additionally, the fund’s Technical Assistance Facility provides MFIs with know-how for improving their institutional structures (e.g. management information systems, risk management, responsible finance etc.) as well as for developing their products and broadening their customer base.

OeEB provides USD 3.9 million to the investment fund REGMIFA as well as technical assistance funds for REGMIFA’s Technical Assistance Facility.