In November 2015, OeEB signed a long-term credit line of USD 20 million to PTC India Financial Services Limited for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in India.

Project name PTC India Financial Services
Region Southern and Eastern Asia
Sector Energy / Resource efficiency / Infrastructure
Service Investment Finance
Project country India
OeEB project volume USD 20 million
Projekt partner(s) PTC India Financial Services Limited

More than 300 million people in India do not have access to electricity. In order to improve the energy supply and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions the Indian government focuses on increasing the use of renewable energy.

PTC India Financial Services Limited (PFS) specialises in financing projects in the energy sector. In doing so, it focuses increasingly on wind and solar power projects which offer great potential in India. Moreover, there is large potential for improving energy efficiency.

OeEB's funds enable PFS to extend its lending activities in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency and this way contribute to improving India's energy supply.

Moreover, OeEB provides Technical Assistance funds for revising and expanding PTC’s existing Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS). The aim is to expand the ESMS in order to cover all projects financed by PTC and to improve staff’s skills and knowledge regarding ESMS through trainings.