In April 2022, OeEB signed a EUR 25 million credit line with the Serbian company Metalfer Steel Mill d.o.o. Sremska Mitrovica. In September 2023, OeEB increased its commitment by another EUR 20 million. The funds will be used for the expansion of renewable energy and environmental measures such as a photovoltaic system, sewage treatment plant as well as energy efficiency and emission reduction.

Project name Metalfer Steel Mill d.o.o. Sremska Mitrovica
Region Southeast Europe
Sector Energy / Resource Efficiency / Infrastructure
Service Investment finance
Project country Serbia
OeEB project volume EUR 45 million
Projekt partner(s) Metalfer Steel Mill d.o.o. Sremska Mitrovica

The Metalfer Company was established in the year 2005. With 629 employees, Metalfer is the largest steel producer based on steel scrap in Serbia.

The steel scrap comes exclusively from Serbia. Currently, according to estimates, only 5% of all waste in Serbia is processed. The collection, proper segregation and preparation of metal for final use is essential to the sustainable development of a circular economy and Metalfer's contribution is more than significant to the national and global economy.

The steel mill has a complete technological process for processing steel scrap by immersing steel scrap in the melt, from which a semi-product is made, which serves as an input raw material for rolling finished products. Metalfer produces rebar, rebar in coils and wire rod.

The financing is in line with OeEB's strategy, according to which activities with a focus on climate finance are to be supported.