In December 2021, OeEB contributed USD 10 million to the financing of the Luxembourg Lendable MSME Fintech Credit Fund. LMFCF will focus on fintech companies that supply credit, working capital, remittances, and payment solutions to MSMEs and, to a lesser extent, to consumers which are underbanked and have no access to traditional debt providers

Project name Lendable MSME Fintech Credit Fund
Region supra-regional
Sector Financial Sector / Microfinance / SME
Service Investment Finance
Project volume USD 10 million
Project partner(s) Lendable S. A., SICAV-RAIF

The Covid-19 pandemic severely damaged the economic growth of the target countries of the Lendable MSME Fintech Credit Fund (LMFCF), which makes it all the more important to invest in the private sector there. Small- and medium-sized enterprises in the target regions should not only benefit from the financial means, but also from the expertise of the LFCF in the field of data analysis and digitization. The LFCF pursues the goal of making the business processes of the supported MSMEs as efficient and customer-oriented as possible in order to acquire more customers and thus enable faster growth. Projects that actively contribute to climate protection are also to be funded.