In December 2022, OeEB provided funding for the Technical Assistance Facility of the Energy Entrepreneurs Growth Fund (EEGF). The TA Facility is to accompany the financing and investment offer of the climate fund in the field of off-grid solar solutions with active technical support. The TA project follows an OeEB investment in the EEGF investment fund. 

Project name EEGF Technical Assistance Facility
Region Sub-Saharan Africa
Sector Energy / Resource efficiency / Infrastructure 
Service Business Advisory Services
Projekt partner(s) EEGF TA Facility, Triple Jump

The Energy Entrepreneurs Growth Fund aims to utilize Africa's vast solar potential by investing in companies active in decentralized renewable power generation using solar PV (for commercial and industrial customers and solar home systems).

In order to support companies in meeting the challenges of the still very young market for decentralized power supply in the best possible way, the EEGF provides them not only with its investments but also with consulting and training offers in the form of capacity building.

Projects are implemented in the following areas via the Technical Assistance Facility of the EEGF: support for the core activities of the portfolio companies, support in the ESG and impact area of the portfolio companies and "ecosystem services" (further support, e.g. in the form of studies, events, training etc., for the off-grid solar sector in sub-Saharan Africa).

OeEB has held a EUR 4 million stake in EEGF since December 2022. More about the project you can find here.