OeEB is invested in the eco.business Fund (EBF) with a total volume of around USD 65 million. The fund aims to protect biodiversity and to support the sustainable use of natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). In order to enhance the fund’s impact, the Fund has established a Development Facility (DF) to support partner institutions in these areas. OeEB supports the facility with technical assistance funds.

Project Name Eco-business Fund Development Facility (EBF DF)
Region South and Central America and the Caribbean (LAC)
Sector Banking and Financial Services
Service Business Advisory Services
Project Country Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Columbia, Nicaragua, Panama
Additionality Value Additionality
Project Partners Finance in Motion (FiM), Citibank International Limited


The objective of the Development Facility (DF) of the eco.business Fund is to support its partner institutions and end borrowers in the four priority sectors of the fund: agriculture and agri-processing, fishery and aquaculture, forestry, and sustainable forestry. The Technical Assistance can range from implementing Environmental and Social Systems (ESMS), to promoting and implementing digital agriculture, providing training and developing green financial products.