In March 2023, OeEB signed a bilateral long-term credit line in the amount of EUR 7.5 million with the Drena SH.P.K. dairy in Skenderaj, Kosovo. The funds are used to expand the dairy’s production capacities.

Project name DRENA SH.P.K. ("Drena")
Region Southeast Europe
Sector Agribusiness / Agriculture
Service Investment Finance
OeEB project volume EUR 7.5 million
Project partner(s) DRENA SH.P.K. ("Drena")

The credit line, with a term of up to 7 years, enables the production of products with higher value creation (e.g. butter and whipped cream), as well as the expansion of the product range to include the production of fruit juices. A 600 kW PV roof system and other smaller energy efficiency measures are part of the investment.

This investment will create more than 50 new direct jobs, 70 percent of which will be filled by women. In addition, indirect jobs will also be created among the more than 200 local farmers who regularly supply the dairy with raw milk.

The credit line is secured with a corporate guarantee from the parent company R&Rukolli Sh.P.K.

The financing is in line with OeEB's strategic focus on MSMEs and financial inclusion. It also contributes to achieving the development policy goals of no poverty, decent work and economic growth, as well as affordable and clean energy.