In January 2017, OeEB provided technical assistance funds for trainings regarding the financing of climate-smart projects in Nepal.

Project name Climate-smart microfinance in Nepal
Region supra-regional
Sector Banking and financial services
Service Business Advisory Services
Project country Nepal
Project partner(s) Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Nepal is one of the Asian countries most affected by climate change and frequently suffers from storms, droughts or floods. As agricultural yields decrease, rural communities are the ones most affected.

These challenges can be met by implementing adaptation and mitigation measures, such as bio-fertilisers produced in biogas plants or solar-powered generators for irrigation systems. However, farmers often need financing for implementing these measures.

Microfinance institutions (MFI) show interest in offering these financial products. However, there is often a lack of the necessary know how. Within the OeEB project, training activities are implemented for employees and customers of a microfinance institution in Nepal. Importance is placed on activities that create additional income opportunities for customers.