In September 2016, OeEB invested USD 7 million in the Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar Development Fund II. The private equity fund provides small and medium-sized enterprises in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar with equity capital and thus contributes to strengthening the private sector and to creating jobs. In December 2020, OeEB increased its contribution by USD 0.65 million. This increase will provide working capital to existing portfolio companies to bridge liquidity bottlenecks caused by Covid-19.

Project name Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar Development Fund
Region Southern and Eastern Asia
Sector Financial sector / Microfinance / SME
Service Equity Participation
Project country Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar
OeEB project volume USD 7.65 million
Fund domicile Singapore
Projekt partner(s) Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar Development Fund II L.P.

Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are among the world's Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Although the economy has been growing in recent years, the lack of capital and management know-how continues to slow down the development of the private sector and thus the countries' overall development. Especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME), which make up the majority of the private sector, have limited access to finance which hampers their business activities and growth.

The Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar Development Fund provides local small and medium-sized enterprises with equity capital as well as with an extensive network and management know-how. This contributes to strengthening the countries' private sector and to creating jobs. The fund's focus sectors include education, healthcare and tourism, micro finance and micro insurance as well as logistics, IT and production.