In December 2019, OeEB invested USD 20 million in the Access to Clean Power Fund (ACPF). The fund’s aim is to contribute to mitigating climate change and to improving access to sustainable and clean energy worldwide.

Project name Access to Clean Power Fund (ACPF)



Energy / Resource efficiency / Infrastructure


Investment Finance

OeEB project volume

USD 20 million

Total investment volume up to USD 200 million
Project partner(s) responsAbility Investments AG

The ACPF addresses the lack of access to clean power globally with a strong focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia – the regions with the highest energy deficit worldwide.

The fund targets companies that provide solutions to households without access to electricity and to businesses looking for cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy. Beyond the financing of the dynamic off-grid energy sector, it is the first investment fund of this scope to actively address the solar potential for the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector.

Over the fund's lifetime, portfolio companies are expected to provide clean power to more than 150 million people, add 2,000 MW of clean energy generation capacity and reduce CO2 emissions by 6 million tonnes.

At its first close the ACPF stands at USD 151 million but is expected to grow to USD 200 million.