In September 2022, OeEB signed a bilateral credit line of USD 15 million with the Peruvian financing company EDPYME Acceso Crediticio S.A. The funds are used to finance natural gas vehicles for private micro and small businesses.

Project name Acceso Crediticio
Region South America
Sector Financial sector / Microfinance / SME
Service Investment Finance
Project country Peru
OeEB project volume USD 15 million
International climate finance according to UNFCCC Yes
Additionality Financial additionality 
Projekt partner(s) EDPYME Acceso Crediticio S.A.

Acceso, is one of the largest vehicle financing providers in Peru and has almost 20% market share in this segment. Its financing offers allow drivers who have worked as taxi drivers in Lima for a year to buy their own taxis. Most Acceso customers are not eligible for regular car leasing programs due to their lack of credit history. 73% of Acceso's customers have no financial products other than the loans provided by Acceso. Acceso thus contributes to financial inclusion.

Thanks to the switch to gas-powered vehicles, Acceso has helped to reduce CO2 emissions. Based on customer data, 364 kilotons of CO2 were saved between 2005 and 2021.

OeEB's credit line is intended to expand environmentally friendly commercial vehicle financing. As the proportion of female customers is steadily increasing, 35% of the funds are to be made available for women.