In 2014, OeEB provided EUR 200 million of long-term financing in the form of debt or equity for the economic development in developing countries and emerging markets.

"The private sector is an important pillar for development. New and growing companies create jobs which in turn creates income and better living conditions," explain Andrea Hagmann and Michael Wancata, members of OeEB's executive board.

In 2014, OeEB signed new credit agreements for a total value of EUR 183.87 million. Equity participations in the name of the Republic of Austria amounted to EUR 15.7 million. A further EUR 3.04 million was provided by the department "Advisory Programmes" to finance accompanying measures which strengthen the development impact of these projects.

At year-end 2014, OeEB's balance sheet total reached EUR 604.6 million, up on EUR 437.7 million at year-end 2013. Net profit for the year more than doubled from EUR 2 million in 2013 to EUR 4.3 million in 2014, while the operating result increased to EUR 5.2 million in 2014 over EUR 2.7 million in 2013.