In November 2012, OeEB signed a risk participation with a total value of EUR 10 million in connection with a KfW credit line. This credit line shall be used to secure the drinking water supply of the Kosovar capital Prishtina as well as the surrounding residential suburbs.

Project name Drinking Water Supply Prishtina
Region Southeast Europe
Sector Energy / Resource efficiency / Infrastructure
Service Investment Finance
Project country Kosovo
OeEB project volume EUR 10 million
Total investment volume EUR 32 million
Projekt partner(s) KfW

Until now, Prishtina's main sources of drinking water have been the Batlava and Badovc reservoirs. However, both of these reservoirs are now being used at maximum capacity and their water levels have already sunk. This, combined with insufficient supply infrastructure and technical water loss, will lead to water shortages in the near future.