In November 2017, OeEB signed a long-term loan of EUR 13 million to Prevent BH d.o.o. for the financing of investments to expand production capacities and energy efficiency measures.

Project name Prevent BH d.o.o.
Region Southeast Europe
Sector Industry
Service Investment Finance
Project country Bosnia and Herzegovina
OeEB project volume EUR 13 million
Projekt partner(s) Prevent BH d.o.o.

Prevent is the largest private employer and largest exporter in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1999, Prevent has been producing car seats, safety clothing, furniture, clothes, shoes, sanitary products and luggage in 15 local production sites.

OeEB's credit line enables Prevent to expand its production facilities and to invest in new and more energy efficient machines.

These investments are key to securing and creating jobs and to promoting exports from Bosnia and Herzegovina.