In June 2019, OeEB contributed USD 20 million to a USD 36 million credit facility to Sri Lanka's Nations Trust Bank PLC. The funds will be used to finance small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with up to 25% of OeEB's funds dedicated to women-owned companies.

Project name

Nations Trust Bank PLC


Southern and Eastern Asia


Financial sector / Microfinance / SME


Investment Finance

Project country

Sri Lanka

OeEB project volume

USD 20 million

Total investment volume

USD 36 million

Projekt partner(s)


SMEs are the backbone of Sri Lanka's economy. They account for 75% of all enterprises, provide 45% of jobs and make up 52% of the country's gross domestic product. Limited access to finance, however, hampers their growth and development to a great extent - especially SMEs owned by women.

The credit line is intended to help close this financing gap and to improve SMEs' access to finance, thus contributing to strengthening the private sector and to creating jobs. Moreover, up to 25% of the funds provided by OeEB are dedicated to financing SMEs owned by women.

Nations Trust Bank PLC is one of the largest commercial banks in Sri Lanka with a network of 94 branches, particularly in less urban areas.