In October 2012, OeEB concluded a participation in a long term DEG credit line with a total value of USD 10 million for the construction and operation of a textile dyeing facility, including a water treatment plant in Bangladesh.

Project name Color City Limited textile dyeing facility
Region Southern and Eastern Asia
Sector Industry
Service Investment Finance
Project country Bangladesh
OeEB project volume USD 10 million
Projekt partner(s) DEG, DBL Group

Bangladesh is one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. The textile industry is an essential factor for the income of the population and therefore also for the further economic development and improvement of living conditions in general. In order to secure the positive development of the textile sector in Bangladesh, an extension of the value chain as well as an immense improvement in environment and social elements is necessary. The DBL Group, represented by Color City Limited, is one of the leading businesses in the Bangladesh textile industry as regards compliance with environmental and social standards and is therefore a role-model for other enterprises.