Our yearly Development Report shows how our projects contribute to economic development in developing countries and emerging markets. The most important development effects are summarized below.



Jobs provided by companies and projects directly (co-)financed by OeEB


Jobs provided by financial institutions (co-)financed by OeEB

min. 24,379

Jobs within the supply chain dependent on OeEB (co-)financed companies and projects

Microborrowers and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)


Microborrowers reached by OeEB financing


Small and medium-sized Enterprises reached by OeEB financing

EUR 310 million / 30%

Invested in projects benefiting micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises / % of total portfolio

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

EUR 74 million / 38%

New commitments for renewable energy and resource efficiency projects in 2016 / % of total volumes committed in 2016

1,370 MW

Newly installed power generation capacity in OeEB (co-)financed projects

EUR 458 million / 44%

Invested in projects that contribute to mitigating climate change / % of total portfolio

Capacity Building


Companies and financial institutions supported by OeEB's Advisory Programmes


People benefiting from training measures funded directly by OeEB

Least Developed Countries

EUR 168 million / 16%

invested in Least Developed Countries / % of total portfolio

Linkages with the Austrian economy


Percentage of all OeEB projects that involve Austrian institutions
Development Report 2016

Development Report 2016

Read more about the development effects of our projects in our latest Development Report.

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