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OeEB Annual Report 2013
Financial statements
Fee and commission income and expense
Other administrative expenses
Expenses for termination benefits and contributions to termination benefit funds
Deferred taxes
Staff count
The fee and commission income was in relation
principally to the reimbursement of expenses incurred
in the course of partly fiduciary services rendered by
OeEB to the Federal Ministry of Finance, and to various
monitoring fees received in connection with credit
The fee and commission expense consisted mainly of
the accrued guarantee fees payable to the Austrian
Federal Ministry of Finance for the government guaran-
tee in accordance with section 9 Export Guarantees
Other administrative expenses (i.e., non-staff costs)
consisted largely of costs for leases, purchased
services, and auditing and consulting.
The auditor’s remuneration is included within other
administrative expenses and consisted of an expense
of EUR 60,500.00 for the audit of the 2013 company
financial statements (prior year: EUR 56,100.00).
The amounts in this item consisted of an expense of
EUR 15,510.00 for the termination benefit provision,
and EUR 29,850.07 of contributions to the emplo-
yer-funded termination benefit fund.
In reliance on section 241 Austrian Commercial
Code, no analysis of the amounts in terms of salaried
employees, managers and Executive Board is
A deferred tax asset of EUR 425,000.00 was
recognized for the impairment loss under section
57 Austrian Banking Act (prior year: EUR 425,000.00).
Deferred tax assets relating to provisions amounted
to EUR 25,801.76. These deferred tax assets are not
included in the financial statements; other, similar
items are insignificant in amount.
In the year under review, OeEB had an average of
30 employees (prior year: 26).