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OeEB Annual Report 2013
Financial statements
Fiduciary assets and liabilities
The transactions overseen by OeEB as trustee –
which represent neither financial nor legal exposure
for OeEB – are recognised in the balance sheet as
fiduciary assets in the amount of EUR 23,243,629.79
under loans and advances to banks (prior year:
EUR 38,542,608.29) and in the amount of
EUR 27,968,852.62 under other assets (prior year:
EUR 12,314,054.97). Within other financial liabilities,
these transactions are recognised in the amount of
EUR 51,212,482.41 (prior year: EUR 50,856,663.26).
The fiduciary assets and liabilities were generated
under the Advisory Programmes of the Austrian
Ministry of Finance and through the federally funded
equity investments.
Deposits from banks and other
financial liabilities
Other financial liabilities included accrued expenses
for 2013 of EUR 1,412,503.52 (prior year:
EUR 861,535.12) that will be paid after the balance
sheet date.
31 Dec. 2013
31 Dec. 2012
Intra-group loans and advances to banks
Intra-group deposits from banks
Intra-group trade payables
The security for the deposits from banks consists of
the assets recorded in loans and advances to banks
and to customers, and the shares recorded in “equity
shares and other variable income securities”, totalling
EUR 358.8 million (prior year: EUR 270 million), as
well as the assignment of any relevant claims under
the Austrian government guarantee issued by the
Federal Ministry of Finance.
Amounts due from and to Group entities
The specific amounts of loans and advances
to, deposits from, and trade payables with
Group companies at the balance sheet date were
as follows.