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OeEB Annual Report 2013
Financial statements
Non-current assets
The changes in individual non-current asset items
and the breakdown of amortisation and impairment
are presented in the table “Movements in non-current
assets” at the end of the notes to the financial
The above table does not reflect an impairment
loss under section 57 Austrian Banking Act of
EUR 850,000.00 (prior year: EUR 850,000.00)
on loans and advances to customers. Loans and advances to customers
The securities in the balance sheet item “bonds
and other fixed income securities” are classified as
current assets; they are admitted to trading on a stock
exchange and are listed securities. At 31 December
2013 the difference between their market value and
carrying amount was EUR 11,029.00.
Bonds and other fixed income securities in the
amount of EUR 1,000,000.00 will be redeemed in
the subsequent financial year. Also, interest in the
amount of EUR 1,374.03 for 2013 will come due in
the subsequent year.
The fund shares and trust preferred securities
recorded in “equity shares and other variable income
securities” are classified as non-current assets and
were purchased for the purpose of investment
financing; they are not admitted to trading on an
exchange. The amounts in the following table are
shown net of accrued interest of EUR 1,209,111.10 in
the year under review (prior year: net of accrued
interest of EUR 1,039,518.14).
31 Dec. 2013
31 Dec. 2012
Loans and advances to customers
Denominated in EUR
Denominated in USD