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OeEB Annual Report 2013
Management report
OeEB offers all employees flexible working hours.
There are no benefits or services which are reserved
for full-time staff.
For OeEB employees with more than one year of
service, contributions were paid to an external pension
fund for the banking sector.
Environmental responsibility
As it is OeEB’s mandate to contribute to sustainable
development, consideration of the environmental
dimension both in the project work and in the
operation of the Strauchgasse office is integral to the
bank’s activities. The lending and equity investment
projects undergo an environmental and social impact
assessment. In the project business, OeEB also fosters
the use of renewable energy.
As part of the OeKB Group sustainability management
system, environmental performance parameters for
the Strauchgasse premises are carefully adhered to
and monitored (EMAS, GRI). These sustainable
operations data can be found in the 2013 integrated
annual report of the OeKB Group.
In keeping with the international nature of OeEB’s
activities, almost all travel is by air. OeEB is offsetting
the CO2 emissions from its air travel, by supporting
a reforestation project in Ethiopia conducted by
Vienna’s University of Natural Resources and Applied
Life Sciences
Significant events after the balance sheet date
There were no significant events after the balance
sheet date.