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  Project Cycle 

Our experts and international network offer you the know-how you need to successfully finance your project in a developing country or emerging market.

We are customer-oriented and efficient.

If you are planning a project in a developing country or emerging market, we look forward to hearing from you. The project should already be well-structured, its economic viability able to be presented and be relevant to development.  Generally, own funds should represent around 30% of the total investment volume.


After you have received the "Letter of Interest" from OeEB, we will check the documents specific to the project, its long-term profitability, and the quality of your plans from a social perspective. In particular, we will examine its compliance with labour, environmental, and social standards. The two-step authorisation process includes assessments from the "Business and Development" committee and the "Advisory Board".

OeEB is a reliable partner.

A continuous flow of information is important for both credit processing and the execution of the Advisory Programmes. Progress reports and continuing dialogue make it easier to assess the progress and developmental effects of the projects and ensure that any necessary changes can be made.


We strictly adhere to anti-corruption and anti-money laundering guidelines as part of  our projects. Therefore, all projects are subject to a thorough integrity check. This includes an examination of the ownership structure of the partners as well as the origin of the required equity capital. In addition, relevant databases are checked.

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