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  Kosovo: District Heating Project Ensures Supply of Heat in Pristina 

The Pristina district heating plant cannot afford sufficient fuel, yet the heat generated by the brown coal power plant nearby is not being utilised. A project co-financed by the OeEB is intended to change that.

Kosovo: District Heating Project Imagine heating your residence with district heating. You pay based on a lump-sum rate per square metre dictated by law - regardless of how much heat you use. The district heating plant uses environmentally damaging crude oil. The limited revenues and high oil price often mean that it only produces enough warmth to heat for a few hours a day. This makes your winters rather uncomfortable, so you also use cheap, inefficient electric space heaters for warmth. All the space heaters use up nearly all the capacity of the nearby brown coal power plant on cold days.

Victory for Environmental Protection: The Use of Formerly Wasted Heat

This describes the initial situation in Pristina, Kosovo. That is why the OeEB is financing a district heating project together with the German Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW): What was once waste heat from the power plant will now be used in the district heating network. The 650 MW power plant will get a 140 MW heat extraction station and the heat will be sent to the district heating plan through a 10.5 km long pipeline. This will reduce the output of electricity by just 20 MW - which means savings of 120 MW compared to electric heat. Furthermore, CO emissions will be reduced by 38,000 tons annually.


“The improved infrastructure means supply security for the people of Pristina with district heating. At the same time, CO emissions will be reduced significantly.” Andrea Hagmann, Member of the Management Board of OeEB

Comprehensive Modernisation

Kosovo: Victory for Environmental ProtectionIn 2012, a total of 26.9 million Euros were invested in Pristina’s district heating network. The OeEB made a contribution in the form of a 2.5 million Euro loan. In addition to the renovation and modernisation of the power plant and district heating plant, the project included the modernisation of the desolate and leaky district heating lines in the city, the addition of new service areas, and economic and management consulting for Termokos, the district heating supplier. This will make it possible to calculate heat consumption individually in the event that the necessary framework conditions are realised.



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