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  Remittances from Austria 

Elaboration of a study on Remittances from Austria to selected countries in South-East Europe.

Aim of project

The study illustrates the channels through which Remittances are being transferred from Austria, whilst putting a geographical focus on the recipients Countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Moldava. This shall include recommendations for improving the activities of commercial banks or other official institutions in the field of remittances.

Identifying new financial products

Furthermore, financial products that enhance the use of remittances for productive purposes are presented. Such innovative products are envisaged to be used by finance institutions, and present in turn possibilities for on-lending, as well as other activities to improve the productivity of remittances for sustainable development. 

Duration of the project

September 2008 – April 2009


Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Final Report

Remittances from Austria



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