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  OeEB improves energy supply in Honduras 

OeEB contributes USD 25 million to IFC's USD 120 million financing for the construction of the photovoltaic solar power plant Valle Solar on Honduras' Pacific coast.

Honduras' energy supply is based primarily on imported fossil fuels and hydropower. Especially during drought periods, this often results in power outages and rationing. To address the problem, the government is expanding its energy mix to include solar power – a reliable, sustainable power source.

Clean Power for Honduras - Video of our EDFI-partner and co-investor Finnfund

The 70 MW solar photovoltaic power plant co-financed, among others, by OeEB, Finnfund and Oikocredit will be located close to the city of Nacaome on the Pacific coast and is expected to generate an average of 122 GWh of electricity per year. This helps contribute to improving Honduras' energy supply and to reduce the country's dependence on imported fossil fuels.


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