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  OeEB invests in private equity fund for microfinance and small-scale banks   

OeEB has invested US-Dollar 4 million in the private equity fund "ShoreCap II". The objective of this fund is to provide capital to both the microfinance sector as well as to banks specialising in micro-, small and medium enterprises.

Microfinance and the establishment of small companies are cornerstones for building the economy in developing countries. Besides OeEB, numerous other development banks have also invested in ShoreCap II; the fund size is now US-Dollar 80 million. The fund is used to strengthen the equity capital basis of local financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia by means of capital increases. In this way, the prerequisites for granting credit to the clients of the respective bank are fulfilled.

Prior to, and in parallel to the project, OeEB has contributed technical assistance means to the improvement of know-how at the local financial institutions via Advisory Programmes.


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