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  SEAF Caucasus Growth Fund 

OeEB has invested USD 5.9 million in the private equity fund "SEAF Caucasus Growth Fund". The participation's objective is to provide capital for small and medium sized enterprises in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Likewise, it aims to support the target companies actively with expertise in the fields of Corporate Governance and financial, economic and human resource policies.

The fund size of SEAF Caucasus Growth Fund totals about USD 46.75 million. Since it is one of the very first private equity funds in the Southern Caucasus region investing exclusively in SMEs, SEAF Caucasus Growth Fund is closing a gap in the market. The fund contributes to creating and securing jobs in the target region. Through supporting SMEs in sectors such as Consumer & Business Services, Agribusiness, Food Processing & Distribution, Energy, Retail, Financial Services (Leasing) and Health Care it also strengthens the private sector in the target region. Besides OeEB, numerous other development banks have also invested in SEAF Caucasus Growth Fund.

In parallel to the equity participation, OeEB Advisory Programmes supply SEAF portfolio companies with capacity development measures in order to boost development of the SME sector and build a sustainable network for small and medium sized enterprises in the target region.


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